9:15-10:30 | 22 Ormond St. Worcester | Details

“Heal Us Emmanuel”


There will be someone to greet you at the entrance. He or she will hand you a printed outline of that Sunday’s service so you know what to expect. The greeter can help you find a seat, direct you to the location of children’s activities, or answer other questions.

You’ll see kids of various ages, some of whom will sit with their parents and participate in the worship service.  Others will go to the nursery (0-4), available all through the service.  We’re so glad to have a wide range of ages at our church and exercise charity towards the fidgety, noisy, or sleepy regardless of their age.

You’ll see some in their Sunday best and others with jeans, or shorts, depending on the season. Dress as you feel most comfortable.

Our service regularly contains readings, prayers, music, singing, a sermon, an offering, and often a celebration of the Lord’s Supper (eucharist).
From Sunday to Sunday our worship reflects our belief that God has been working in the past and we stand on the shoulders of many, as well as our belief that God is at work today. So some of our music you will feel its age and other parts will feel young.  Like our music, the preaching similarly connects an ancient faith to our rapidly changing world.  Listen to sermons here.

During our worship we take up an offering as an expression of our gratitude to God and faith that he will care for us.  As Christians we are committed to living generously and pursuing freedom from envy and greed.  If you are visiting please feel no obligation to contribute.

Our regular services run about an hour and fifteen minutes. While an hour plus, may sound long it goes quickly and some things simply take time. We strive to be sensitive to the busy and scattered lives most of us lead so if you’re running late, still come.

For more about our worship, read here.