We are excited to be a congregation in Worcester and our hope is not merely to be a great church but to be a part of a great city. In this initial stage of beginning Grace Presbyterian we are working hard to learn about the city and figure out where we uniquely fit. We are committed to be a good neighbor and as we think about serving the city want to plod steadily along rather than make a big splash then sink out of sight.

City-serveOur first foray in community service was participation in the WREC Earth Day clean up. We had the privilege of partnering with Worcester State and Chandler Magnet Elementary to complete a landscaping project at the school. We are pursing further opportunities for service in the city and have been grateful for opportunities to continue working with Chandler Magnet on a few projects.  If you’re interested please read more about our foundations for justice and mercy.

As we’ve worked to learn about Worcester, there are so many great organizations working in the city. Here are a few of the ones that we’ve interacted with thus far:Baskets - C.mag

Kingdom Network of Worcester (KNOW) is a collaboration of churches and ministries who follow Jesus Christ, love Worcester, and are working to discover avenues for greater partnership to serve the city. KNOW is focused on prayer, research, building relationships, and organic growth.

Straight Ahead Ministries is a juvenile justice ministry organization, working globally to  see Jesus Christ transform the lives of juvenile offenders. Straight Ahead is headquartered in Worcester and leads initiatives in caring for teens in juvenile detention, aftercare reentry, gang reconciliation, training, and others.

Clearway Clinic is a non-profit that provides free counseling and services to women making decisions about an unplanned pregnancy.

Working for Worcester is a city-wide partnership of student organizations, local businesses, academic institutions, city government, and community groups joining for a day of service in the city.
Central Mass. Housing Alliance is a local non-profit that fosters a collaborative response to homelessness in greater Worcester. They provide a range of responses from education and public advocacy to shelter and programs designed to keep residents in their homes.

Worcester Regional Research Bureau (WRRB) conducts non-partisan research and analysis on a variety of topics to promote well informed public debate and decision making. Their reports have been an excellent source of both hard data and analysis trends in the economics, administration, and education of the city.

Go Local Worcester & Worcester Magazine – these are helpful to keep up with different news and events in the city. They are also a great resource for learning about local restaurants or businesses – all without a subscription.

Worcester Resources is a online directory to services that address a variety of needs in Worcester.